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Raquy Danziger (Dumbek and Kamanche) Liron Peled (Guitar and Percussion) Daphna Mor (Flutes) Yotam Beery (Bass) Rami El-Aasser (Percussion) David Buchbut (Riq-Arabic Tambourine)Raquy and the Cavemen - Band Members

Liron Peled
Guitar and Dumbek

Liron Peled has been a dominant figure in the Middle-Eastern music scene in the United States as a Percussionist and Composer. He is best known for his participation in the Progressive Middle-Eastern group "Raquy and the Cavemen" with Raquy Danziger, but has also collaborated with Omar Farouk, Yoel Ben Simhon's Sultana Ensemble and many more.

Liron was born in the Golan Heights in Northern Israel. He started playing drumset at 10 years old and grew up on hard rock music and joined the band EMOK with whom he played for 10 years and toured all over the world.
He continued his studies of drum set, classical percussion, xylophone and marimba at the Klor Conservatory, Israel. Liron graduated from "Emek Hahula" School Of Music in Israel in 1997 and moved to NY in 1998 where he began to play Middle-Eastern hand drums.

Liron currently lives in NY where he works as a drummer/percussionist, producer and composer.