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Eddie Thomas
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The deal here is that Raquy Danziger, a classically-trained pianist now internationally known for her skill with the dumbek (a Middle Eastern instrument often called a tabla) has formed a world music group with her husband Liron Peled and others, and based themselves in New York. Owing to the backgrounds of the musicians involved, and the instruments they wield, their music is very much in the tradition of Middle Eastern music. But their approach, borrowing from the drama and power of the rock tradition, sets them apart.
Itís certainly a change for me to hear an album based on the nai, riq, dumbek, bendir, zila, oud and dahula, instead of guitar, bass and drums. Certainly my spell-check canít cope. As a novice to this kind of thing, I couldnít hope to explain what part all the above instruments play, but I can tell you that I like it. A lot. The sound is tied together and brought into (for me) more familiar territory with guitars, drums and Moog synths, and it proves as dramatic and enticing a recipe as anything Iíve heard this year.
ďJordanĒ certainly has a lot of appeal which could transcend the snobbery of the world music scene and cross over to a broader appeal. I hope it gets the chance to do so.