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Imagine what would happen if you took the world’s expert on a Middle Eastern drum known as the dumbek and set her to work on forging a new form of rock. The result is an impressive and simply staggering exaggeration of percussion from the Middle Eastern version of “Dueling Banjos” on “Dueling Darbukas” to “Riq Samai” with its amazing ten beat cycle and 6/8 time signatures. Other instruments that are featured on “Jordan” include recorder, nai, zils, bendir, riq, dahula, oud, bassoon, Moog synthesizers, bass, guitar, drums, and kemenche. What’s most incredible is the very depth that Raquy and her fellow musicians can undertake without it coming across as this cerebral snobbish piece. Listen to the moods that permeate your soul on “Caravan”, originally written as an opening piece for belly dancer Jehan, and you’ll be instantly as hooked as I am.