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Norberto Gomez, Jr.
"Rather than just a straightforward release to showcase her talents as an Arabic drum virtuoso, Raquy Danziger, with the aid of her band the Cavemen, delivers a powerfully eclectic amalgamation of modern music and ancient. Much of DUST is filled with pulse-pounding beats, and rhythms that remind you of something Nine Inch Nails would conjure up. Songs such as 'Raquin' (with its use of the classic Moog) and 'Axarai' are prime examples of the multilayered, dark, industrial feel that accompany these powerfully intoxicating Arabic arrangements. From bass guitar to various exotic instruments, DUST contains a large variety of tight instrumentation that takes you all over the map. Mostly instrumental, the album hypnotizes the listener to a point of psychedelic coolness, and you find your body swaying along to the sweet musical flow that is pouring itself out of the speakers, it and has you asking for more."